Get Chroming Prices

Get Chroming Prices

Chromefix offer a simple ordering system

  • Your enquiry is received by phone or email 
  • We give you a guide estimate
  • You send, drop your parts in to us or we collect
  • If we think our estimate is wrong we notify you
  • We dispatch the goods once we are in receipt of payment

Any questions? We are happy to help

Step 1 - Photograph your parts

Lay your parts on the floor in a well lit area with a tape measure alongside them or a regular memorable size object i.ecan of pop, if you would like a breakdown for each part you will need to number each part by placing it on numbered paper.

Step with the photograph(s) attached


Send us an email with nthe photograph(s) attached, a list of all the parts and any additional information such as the condition of the parts describing any holes, pitting and type of base metal, if you are not sure about additional details just ask, we are happy to help.

We will usually send you an estimate the same day or within 24 hours, please note we can only reply within normal working hours.

Step 3Box up your parts and send them to us

If you are happy with the price and wish to proceed safely pack up all your parts in a box/pack ensuring nothing can get damaged in transit, if possible stick a copy of our corresponding email with our estimate in the box/pack and please provide your details with your name, contact number and address in the box/pack. We can either arrange for collection of the parcel from you or you can post it in to us. Either way please make sure your parts are properly packed, insured and addressed. You are welcome to drop the parts in to our premises at: Chromefix Unit 1-3 hertfordst, Birmingham b12 8nj.