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Metal Polishing

Metal polishing is a vital part of any chrome restoration job and its absolutely key for the metal polishing to be done to a high standard to achieve a flawless end result.

We also offer a complete polishing only service for all types of metals such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Brass.

There is a different skill set and process for different types of metals, as each type of metal has different properties, some metals are soft and some metals are hard, a brass polisher will have expertise and knowledge in how to polish brass using different compounds to bring out the brightness and colour of the brass, an aluminium polisher will have their own understanding and knowledge of how to polish aluminium again using different polishing compounds to get a mirror polish which is often required by our customers. Our highly skilled Metal polishing team at chromefix have experience and knowledge for polishing all types of metals so they always find a solution for those awkward and hard to polish parts.

Metal Polishing

Almost all parts are Linished and Mirror polished before they are plated, prep work is key to get that flawless result, we use industrial polishing lathes, commercial handheld machines and state of the art handheld Flexi arm polishing machines for detailed polishing to get to those awkward areas, this enables us to get the prep work done to a very high level and ultimately to get that top class finish when we plate.

We have restored 1000’s of parts over the years. Restoring parts is a challenge, a challenge we enjoy from start to finish.

We have a dedicated team of polishers for our parts restoration service which are highly skilled with over 30 years of experience, our team of polishers have been polishing car, bike and scooter parts for decades so they understand the level of prep work required for each type of part and how far to go so they can retain the original shape of the part, they understand the areas of the parts which are more visible when the part is in situ. Our metal polishers do all they can to polish out all the deep pit marks without compromising the thickness of the body and shape of the part. All this only comes with the decades long experience which our highly skilled team of polishers have.

Majority of parts are mirror polished before they are plated, we also offer a brushed and satin finish. A brushed finish is when you can see the brushed stroke in the metal depending on how deep the grain is required the right grit of linishing band is used. A satin finish is a dull finish with almost no grain and finished with a satin mop, this method is used when a satin chrome or satin nickel finish required.

For any further queries you can contact us on 0121 440 3173 and e-mail us at E-mail: sales@chromefix.co.uk. We would be pleased to answer your questions about Metal Polishing.

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