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We offer a simple, honest, good quality and above all reliable Rechroming service for all your car parts, whether it be a bumper, headlight trim, door handles , grill or a bonnet mascot by using our perfected method of quad plating.

Using our quad plating process to present only the best possible finish for all your parts, a mirror finish Chrome, A Deep Rich Chrome.

Chromefix offer a reliable chrome plating service for all Car parts. We are more than happy to help and advice on any questions or concerns you may have, with decades long experience we always find a solution to restore your invaluable parts so your pride and joy is looking complete. The team at Chromefix understand appreciate the concerns and worries our customers often have when handing over their parts to us, we have a robust booking in system for each job whether it's a nut and bolt or metal work of a complete car your invaluable parts are in good hands from the word go.

We are happy to address any concerns our customers may have and we welcome our customers to pop in and take a look around our facility where they can see the chrome plating plant and polishing workshop.

Here is a list of some of the parts that we put through our tanks on a weekly basis:

  • Bumpers
  • Over Riders
  • Hub Caps
  • Grills
  • Door Handles
  • Light Surrounds
  • Reflectors
  • Trims
  • Ashtrays
  • Handbrakes
  • Luggage Racks
  • Window frames
  • Windscreen surrounds

We offer Chrome Restoration on all chrome metalwork on all makes of cars, from hobby projects to show cars, vintage, classic, American we have chromed them all.

We have restored 1000’s of parts over the years. Restoring parts is a challenge, a challenge we enjoy from start to finish.

The largest parts on a car are its bumpers, we have Chrome plated 100's of bumpers over the years, there is always a bumper running through the workshop either in the chrome stripping tank, polishing workshop or in the plating tanks, we have Restored all types of car bumpers from mini's to American muscle car bumpers, from a standard sized bumper to a 7ft bumper from a Bus, so size is not a problem for us here at chromefix, in fact if you wanted to plate a 7ft bumper in 24k Brushed Gold or 24k Polished Rose Gold we can do it.

Customers are welcome to drop their parts in as we can understand large parts can be quite a job to pack up and post and once the job is complete the customer is also welcome to pick up the parts from our facility. We can plate on to all types of metal including Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Die cast and yes even Aluminium. We have a dedicated pre-treatment plant for Aluminium which enables us to achieve high quality plating on Aluminium. There are not many plating companies which can plate on Aluminium as it is often quite difficult to plate.

Chromefix have perfected an advanced finishing process for Car parts which is all done under one roof, we Quad plate all Car parts which is visibly a better finish then commercial chrome and also has better durability against the elements, we use a combination of industrial polishing lathes, commercial handheld polishing machines and advanced Flexi arm polishing machines for detailed prep work so we achieve a flawless finish on every part we chrome plate. This makes us the preferred choice to 1000's of customers we serve every year.

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