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Chrome Repair

At Chromefix we repair chrome to an exceptional showroom standard, we can provide a chrome plating service for one part or an entire car fit out, bumpers, over riders, headlight surrounds, grills, door frames, windscreen surround, exhaust pipe or anything that is metal and fits in our tanks Chromefix will fix its chrome. Chromefix is your no.1 chrome repair service provider to meet all your restoration requirements. With genuine commitment we offer a reliable service for car parts, motorcycle parts, scooter parts, boat marine parts and household parts. When we receive parts for chrome repair we take a digital image then we Carefully prep all parts before they are chrome plated.

When we start the Chrome Repair process, we start by disassembling all the parts if they have not been taken apart already by the customer, this is something we ask the customer to do before sending or bringing their parts in to our workshop. After this any paints, sealants and oils are removed, now the parts are ready to be copper wire hung in the electric chrome stripping chemical tank to remove the original plating, the parts are left in the tank for a period of time until the original chrome plating is totally stripped off and we are down to the base metal.

We have restored 1000's of parts over the years. Restoring parts is a challenge, a challenge we enjoy from start to finish.

Once we are happy that the original chrome plating is all removed we check the condition of the parts to see if the metal underneath has enough body and does not have too much rust, to see if there is any repairs required, if this is something we have not already discussed with the customer then we get on the phone to the customer to discuss the parts true condition and the repairs it requires to bring it up to standard, repairs usually mean welding and in some cases welding additional metal plates to build up the body of the part if possible, very rarely when we think a part is beyond repair we ask the customer if its possible to source the same part in better condition. If it is not possible to source the part because its one of those irreplaceable type of parts then we explore other options, we speak with a local engineering firm to see if we can part build a section of the part and combine with brass brazing, welding and linish polishing in to shape. We do all we possibly can to keep you within your budget and to restore the part to its former glory. Now the part is ready for the remaining process, beginning with degreasing the parts in our gas degreaser which removes all the polishing compounds and grease from the repair and polishing process, after its cleaned the part is hung on copper wire and electroplated.

Please see our Process Gallery for all the steps your parts go through.

We can plate on to all types of metal including Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Die cast and yes even Aluminium. We have a dedicated pre-treatment plant for Aluminium which enables us to achieve high quality plating on Aluminium. There are not many plating companies which can plate on Aluminium as it is often quite difficult to plate.

For any further queries you can contact us on 0121 440 3173 and e-mail us at E-mail: sales@chromefix.co.uk. We would be pleased to answer your questions about chroming.

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