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Chroming Services

Our Chroming Services

Chromefix provide a complete chroming service with the complete restoration process being carried out under one roof by our highly skilled team which have been restoring Car, Motorbike, Scooter and Household parts for decades. We emphasise on good solid preparation to achieve the best possible results for your invaluable parts this enables us to restore chrome to a showroom standard, achieving that end result that makes you say wow! That "Deep Rich Chrome” that we are known for. Chromefix offer a reliable chrome restoration service for all automotive parts, household parts and boat and marine Parts. Using our unmatched Quad plating process to present only the best possible finish, a mirror finish chrome.

Chromefix have perfected the prep and polishing process of all your invaluable parts. We use a combination of Industrial polishing lathes, handheld polishing machines, commercial flexi arm grinding and polishing machines to get in to the detailed areas, good prep is a key part of Chrome Restoration.

We have restored 1000's of parts over the years. Restoring parts is a challenge, a challenge we enjoy from start to finish.

We can plate on to all types of metal including Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Die cast and yes even Aluminium. We have a dedicated pre-treatment plant for Aluminium which enables us to achieve high quality plating on Aluminium. There are not many plating companies which can plate on Aluminium as it is often quite difficult to plate.

Our Chroming and Rechroming services include:

  • Motor car Restoration
  • Motorcycle Chrome Plating
  • Scooter Chrome Plating
  • Boat & Marine Restoration
  • Household Restoration
  • Tap Restoration
  • Bumper Rechroming/Chroming
  • Brass Plating
  • Gold 24k Plating
  • Rose Gold 24k plating
  • Gold Antique 24k plating
  • Gold Moonlight 24k Plating
  • Automotive Chrome Plating
  • Chrome Coating
  • Chrome Dipping
  • Chrome Finishing
  • Chrome Refurbish
  • Chrome Repair
  • Chrome Restoration
  • Wheel Chroming
  • Chrome Stripping
  • Metal Polishing
  • Electrophoretic Lacquer
  • Aluminium Plating
  • Stainless Steel Plating
  • Headlamp Silvering and Plating

We offer our Chrome Plating and Rechroming Service to companies, hobbyists and individual private customer who are looking at restoring their Car, Motorbike, Scooter, household or anything else which is metal and can fit in our tanks, so whether you have a single part or a complete Car we are happy to look at the job and provide a free quotation.

We have been working with and helping our customers for many years, helping them to complete their projects, we offer a simple, honest, good quality and above all a reliable service, making it a pleasant experience for our customers to restore the parts for their pride and joy. With our decades long experience we always find a solution where possible to rescue and restore parts to a good standard, every part is a challenge, when we receive the part we look at its metal thickness and body to assess what it will need however we get a better idea once we strip the chrome and remove the existing plating on the part, once we have electronically stripped off the nickel and chrome we are at the base metal of the part and get a solid visual of the condition of the part in hand. After the Chrome stripping stage majority of parts are ready to go to our polishing workshop to begin the linishing and polishing process. However some parts reveal their true body condition once the chrome is stripped off and require repair, at this stage we discuss the repair options with our customer, repair normally involves welding and brazing followed by extra time in our plating process.

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