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The quality of our chroming service is the foundation we have built our reputation on, offering an excellent chroming service and getting you that "deep rich chromium finish”. Chromefix is your no.1 chrome plating service provider to meet all your restoration requirements. With genuine commitment we offer a reliable service for chrome restoration of car parts, motorcycle parts, scooter parts, boat and marine parts and household parts.

We work closely with our customers so if we come across any issues whilst restoring your parts we contact you straightaway via phone or email to discuss the options and solution for that issue and 9/10 there is a solution, this enables us to ensure the job is completed to the best standard possible and within the given timeframe.

Our Chroming process starts with us receiving the parts from our customer which the customer has either dropped in to us, posted in to us via their own courier or we have arranged the collection on the customers behalf via our own courier.  Once we have received the parts we book them in through our robust booking in system and a job card is allocated which is placed in job tray along with parts.  The job is placed in our cue of jobs and will be started in date order.

The process begins with dismantling, this is something we request the customer to do before we get the parts, however if this has not been already done then the parts dismantled in to individual components, the dismantling process is not always straight forward as quite often the nuts, bolts, screw and rivets are quite rusty and not so easy to take apart.

Once all the parts are split down to individual components we remove any paint and sealant in a paint stripper solution after this stage the parts are individually copper wired ready to hang on the brass buzz bar in the electric chrome and nickel stripper tank, the parts are submerged in to the chemical stripper solution whilst all the old chrome and nickel plating is removed. The parts are checked and once all the existing plating is stripped off and we are down to the base material the parts are rinsed and unwired and placed back in to their allocated tray along with the job card ready to go in to the polishing workshop for the prep work to begin, the parts are linished with various grits going from course to fine and mop polished on the industrial polishing lathe and detailed polished using our advanced flexi arm grinding and polishing machine.

We can provide Chroming on all types of metal including Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Die cast and yes even Aluminium. We have a dedicated pre-treatment plant for Aluminium which enables us to achieve high quality plating on Aluminium. There are not many plating companies which can plate on Aluminium as it is often very difficult to plate.

For any further queries you can contact us on 0121 440 3173 and e-mail us at E-mail: sales@chromefix.co.uk. We would be pleased to answer your questions about chroming.

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