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We have chrome plated 100’s of bumpers over the years, its something we do on a daily basis and there is always a bumper running through the tanks.

We have rechromed all types of bumpers, from Mini's to Bentley's, Bus bumpers to Large American Muscle car Bumpers, single piece bumpers, 3 piece bumpers, over riders, nuts and bolts, so bumper size is not a problem for us here at chromefix, infact if you wanted to plate a 7ft bumper in 24k Gold or 24k Rose Gold we can do it.

Bumpers often come with a solid body and is one of largest parts on a car, many bumpers come with rubber trims, these types of bumpers usually have more rust on them as the water gets in between the rubber and metal which corrodes the existing chrome plating and metal, as long as it hasn't corroded more then 50% of the metal this can be built up during the acid copper plating process and the bumper can be restored and rechromed to give it a new lease of life.


Our customers are welcome to drop the bumpers in and have a look at our facility, they can also look at some finished parts to see the quality of our Chrome Plating.

Our Chrome plating is noticeably a better finish then what the bumpers have been plated with at the time of manufacturing, at chromefix each bumper blade is prepared and polished, followed by our double copper plating and finished with our high quality nickel and chrome plating, which gives the bumper a deep rich chrome finish, this is something our customers always notice and appreciate.

We offer a Honest, good quality and above all a reliable chrome plating service, this makes us the preferred choice to 1000's of customers we serve each year.

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