Chrome Dipping

Chrome Dipping

Chrome DippingChromefix is recognised for the quality of its chrome plating, offering an excellent chrome plating service and using our quad layer plating process to get you that "deep rich chromium finish”, Which has been perfected by our highly skilled team with a combined experience of over 65 years.

Chromefix is your no.1 chrome dipping service provider to meet all your restoration requirements.

With genuine commitment we offer a reliable service for car parts, motorcycle parts, scooter parts, boat marine parts and household parts.


Chrome plating is not really a matter of dipping an article into a tank, it is a long process which actually starts with dull polishing and buffing, after that point cleaning and dipping in acid, copper and or zinc plating. For top reflectivity, it is buffing which makes the metal smooth and shiny after that again dipping in acid and cleaning, and plating more copper, at that point a few different sorts of nickel plating, all before the chrome plating is finished. Washing is required for each step.

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