Chrome Repair

Chrome Repair

Chrome RepairAt Chromefix we repair chrome to an exceptional showroom standard, chrome plating for one part or an entire car fit out, bumpers, over riders, headlight surrounds, Grills, door mirrors, windscreen surround, exhaust pipe or anything that is metal and fits in our tanks Chromefix will fix its chrome.

Chromefix is your no.1 chrome repair service provider to meet all your restoration requirements.

With genuine commitment we offer a reliable service for car parts, motorcycle parts, scooter parts, boat marine parts and household parts.

Chrome plating is used for tough materials. Chrome plating can be used on anything from vehicle guards to restroom installations. After some time, it is normal for hard chrome plating to grimy or rust. In any case, there are tips with which you can fix and repair the looks of your chrome plating. For your ease, we provide also the lavish service of chrome repairing.

For any further quarry you can contact us on 0121 440 3173 and e-mail us at E-mail:,  we would be pleased to answer your questions about chroming.